Cattery Information

Cattery Information

Gyrn Cottage Cattery is designed to be a luxury “home away from home.” All our guests enjoy a peaceful and happy holiday, so you can enjoy your holiday knowing that your cat/s are being well cared for in beautiful countryside surroundings at Gyrn Cottage Cattery.

The Cattery was designed and built to Samantha’s very high standards, which exceed those required by the Feline Advisory Bureau (FAB).

Customers often comment their cats don’t want to go home and that their cats have had a better holiday than they have.

Gyrn Cottage Cattery

Clean and Friendly

Fully tiled pens for easy cleaning and added hygiene.

Designed for Cats

Extra large shelves and adjustable shelving in 2 of the pens for elderly or disabled cats.

Gyrn Cottage Cattery
Gyrn Cottage Cattery


The sleeping area is insulated and a wall mounted panel heater keeps each pen nice and cosy.


Each pen is more that big enough for 2 cats sharing, so a single kitty gets lots of extra room.

Spacious heated sleeping area
Interconnecting doors join pens together

Transforming Pens

For 3 or more cats from the same family, pens can be joined together via removable doors in both the sleeping area and the run. This makes extra large family accommodation with two or more adjoining rooms. From a behavioural point of view this is ideal because even the friendliest of cats need a bit of time away from each other. It really helps to make the cats stay less stressful.

Summer Living

Removable weather proof panels on the front of the cattery.

Open frame doors and cattery front windows open up for maximum airflow
Gyrn Cottage Cattery

Comfort and Entertainment

Comfy beds and cushions are provided. Each pen has carpet squares, play cubes and scratching posts and chairs. Interactive toys are provided and ping pong ball sound great on the tiled floors!

Cuddles, games and grooming are guaranteed daily!

Catnip & Valerian

Catnip or Valerian is provided 2-3 times a week and for cats that stay for more than a week we provide fresh grass.

Troubles eating catnip
Elderly, disable and shy cats

Elderly and Disabled Cats

Special care is provided for elderly and disabled cats. To set your mind at rest, the oldest cat I have worked with in a Boarding Cattery situation was 28 year old Petra Sheen – she was a very determined, feisty tortoiseshell!

Long Term Boarding

At Gyrn Cottage Cattery we specialize in long term boarding and make every effort to ensure that each cat is kept well occupied and entertained.

Monty a happy long term guest